"Happily Ever After" Mason Jar - Dropbox Guestbook (New)


Our Mason Jar Dropbox Guestbook as alternatives to the common guest "book". Try something different for your big day and capture your guests wishes and signatures on our Mason Jar Dropbox Guestbook.


Material: Plywood, Acrylic , Mounting Board, Vinyl Sticker

Thickness: 0.5 inches or 12.7mm

Thickness of Wooden Hearts: 3.6mm

Color : Red, Black & Light Pink

Sizes (width x height): 

    1. Small - 32cm x 45cm - 60 pieces
    2. Big - 44cm x 61cm - 110 pieces

Package includes: 

  1. 1x Mason Jar Dropbox Guestbooks
  2. Wooden Hearts
  3. 1x permanent Fine tip pen (White/Black/Gold)
  4. Instructions Card
  5. 1x stand/easel for the Guestbook and 1 mini stand/easel for the Instruction Card

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